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a large metal factory with lots of steel
Novolipetsk metalurgical combine | Viktor Mácha - industrial photography
Novolipetsk metalurgical combine
an industrial factory with lots of pipes and smokestacks in the foreground, on a clear day
Kosaya Gora ironworks, blast furnace | Viktor Mácha - industrial photography
Kosaya Gora ironworks, blast furnace
the inside of an aircraft with multiple pipes and equipment on it's sides, in black and white
Submarine torpedo room
an old factory with lots of rusty machinery
Abandoned factory
the inside of an industrial machine with many pipes
Seamless engine texture by FromAriel on DeviantArt
Seamless engine texture by FromAriel Watch
a large yellow bulldozer sitting on top of a dirt field next to a puddle
2012 Caterpillar 6060 AC FS
black and white photograph of an old steam engine on the tracks, with spoke wheels
Locomotive wheels
the pipes and valves are all connected together
Boiler room
pipes and gauges in a large industrial facility with blue tinted filter applied to the image
Pipes room
a pile of assorted metal parts sitting on top of a green tray with white background
© Kevin Twomey Photography
Calculator © Kevin Twomey Photography
an industrial building with metal pipes and scaffoldings on the sides, against a cloudy sky
Urbex: Godzillawatt: Abandoned Power Plant — Urbex: Darbians Photography
The Cloud Factory/ Powerplant XL Gigawatt - Belgium
an old factory with lots of pipes and ladders on the ceiling, in front of a large window
Photos Show Soviet Spaceships Gathering Dust In Abandoned Hangar
Abandoned Space Shuttles Hangar
the inside of an airplane engine in a hanger
Reference Photos - Houston Space Center
Rocket engine
two large yellow tractors parked next to each other on the side of a road in front of a fence
Photo Storage
John Deere 764 dozer
a large machine is parked in the dirt
Atlas Copco FlexiRoc T-30 surface drill rigs
an assembly line with cars and machinery in black and white, as seen from the side
18 Gorgeous Images Of Job-Stealing Factory Robots
Factory Robots
a man standing in front of a small space vehicle on display at an outdoor event
Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (LLRV)
the inside of a large metal vessel with pipes and valves on it's sides
Submarine engine room
an old factory building with lots of machinery
lost places
Ferropolis 2013
the engine of an airplane is shown in this image
Details of jet engine
a box with some metal items in it
Birth Machine Baby - H.R. Giger
black and white photograph of an old machine
Linotype Machine
a large crane sitting on top of a metal structure in the middle of a field
The Overburden Conveyor Bridge F60
there are two large trucks that are in the dirt and one is lifting something up
Cat 7495 shovel loading 795F AC
the engine of an airplane is shown in this image
Detail of a J-58 engine from an SR-71
an old black train is parked on the tracks
Union Pacific “Big Boy” Locomotive
there is a train that has been knocked over on the tracks and it's being worked on
Machine - Ballast Bed Cleaning: RM2003
RM 2003 Ballast bed cleaning / Plasser American
an overhead view of many different types of electronic equipment in a circular arrangement on top of each other
Skylab Apollo Telescope, 1973-1979