Excellent method for heating your water off the grid. This method is not only very efficient as it uses what would otherwise be waste heat being directed out through the stack, but it also works in much the same way as a hot water on demand system or a solar water heating system. This concept can even be directly incorporated into your current solar water heating system or as a separate stand-alone in the kitchen or workshop. Keep your mind open and remember to improvise!

Hot water tank heated by wood burning stove. From Teach Nollaig, Tiny house in Ireland. Could be improved by adding a small sterling engine to power a circulation pump, allowing the hot water tank to be up higher [improving pressure]. Also INSULATION!

.while I do NOT advocate cutting trees to heat homes , if you can find a tree cutting service they often bring back the trees to run them through the chipper and if you are willing to cut yourself and load they will often give wood to you for free, but be aware while an excellent source of HEAT there is an imprint left after burning. All the same a beautiful rustic room.

Here is another wood stove that could be okay in the living room. Pretty stone house design decorating home design designs interior design

The Country Living Bembridge wood-burning stove by Charnwood is now available to order in a stylish selection of five colours. Order yours now.

The Country Living wood-burning stove by Charnwood

could we just put our stove on a piece of stone right on the floor? - Country Living Bembridge wood-burning stove by Charnwood

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