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three stars are in the center of a circle with words written below it, which reads san eternos los laureles que supimos conseguir
a drawing of a building with a flag flying in front of it that says via la patria
a person holding a water bottle and chain around their ankles with the flag of argentina behind them
an image of a bottle with a straw in it next to a cup filled with liquid
a painting of a drink and flag on a blue background with the words el sol de 25 viene asomno
brunaunareinadvg.ilustraciones on Instagram: “Se vive, se siente… Ya empezamos a palpitar la Semana de Mayo y “El sol del 25, viene asomando…🎶” Estamos a días del 212 aniversario de…”
several people in blue and white dresses are marching down the street with an argentina flag
Cultura Argentina / folklore argentino
cultura argentina / Argentinian culture / folklore argentino / paisanos argentinos / gauchos argentinos / Argentine gauchos / vestimenta tradicional argentina / traditional clothing of Argentina / chacarera / Argentine dance
an old book with the words acta and declarations in english, on top of it
an old book with the title acta de independcia en sud america
9 de julio: Día de la Declaración de la Independencia
9 de Julio: Día de la Declaración de la Independencia - Educ.ar
a blue ribbon with the word argentina on it and an arrow in the middle is shown
the flag of argentina is waving in the wind with an advertise that reads, feliz dia de la bandera
20 de Junio | DÍA DE LA BANDERA
NOTICIAS | Transporte Carga de Argentina y Chile 20 de Junio | DÍA DE LA BANDERA
an advertisement for the bandera argentina
an image of a flag hanging on the wall