Skins skins skins <3

It's been seven years since the first season of the UK teen drama, Skins aired. What happened to Nicholas Hoult, Dev Patel and the rest of the talented Skins Gen 1 cast?

Skins... so hooked on this show! Season 1 and 2 cast is the best!

Skins UK, Tony - "I sleep with girls, you persuade them to attempt suicide.

Chris Miles, Sid Jenkins, Maxxie Oliver & Tony Stonem (Skins -1st Generation) Joe Dempsie, Mike Bailey, Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult

Chris, Sid, Maxxie, Tony - Skins - the first generation

Chris, skins uk. "he said yes to everything. he loved everyone. he was the bravest boy, man, i knew." "FUCK it!"

Chris from Skins (Joe Dempsie) you're my favorite so should've been so obvious - why am i even surprised anymore! :[ whargh i refuse to rewatch because i wouldn't be able to handle it again.