so cool!

Bride and groom cake. This cake is awesome. I love the bride and groom toppers. (: I very much dislike the classic ones.

Weeding cakes. Love them all

Mendhi-henna inspired cake This beautiful cake is very ornate with meticulous workmanship.

Weeding cake

The ultimate wedding CAKE, the wedding gown cake! That's right this life size gown is a massive cake. This thing must weigh a ton.

Blue signifies purity and innocence. Artistic Blue wedding cakes are refreshing. At the same time weeding cakes in blue are perfect for daring modern day bride. This is the way she can express her unique personality with a flare for adventure and the extraordinary.

please don't do blue icing. then everyone will go around looking like they are starved for oxygen!


Everyone say hi to the Reeses Peanut Butter Cup wedding cake! Anyone else wish they were at this wedding? Share this monstrously delicious recipe for this chocolate peanut butter goodness with all your friends and family.