13 Pins
several pieces of chocolate and vanilla swirl cake
rocambole prestigio
there is a roll on the plate and two plates with desserts in front of it
rocambole de leite condensado
a piece of cake with raspberries on it and some candles in the background
rocambole de morango
a chocolate cake on a glass plate with wine glasses
rocambole de ameixa e chocolate
there is a chocolate and cream roll on the plate
rocambole com geleia de frutas vermelhas
there is a roll with strawberries on it
rocambole tropical
there is a roll that has been decorated with fruit
rocambole brasileiro
there is a white plate with some desserts on it and strawberries in the background
rocambole recheado com sorvete
there is a cake roll that has been cut in half
rocambole gelado
there is a chocolate roll on the plate
rocambole de chocolate e coco
there is a chocolate cake roll on the glass plate with it's frosting
rocambole com creme e chocolate
a roll with strawberry jam on it next to a bowl of strawberries
rocambole de morango