Torta salgada, pizza, macarrão e outros pratos ao forno

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there is a cake made to look like it has been sliced into four pieces and sitting on a table
torta fria de legumes
a quiche with spirals on top is sitting on a green napkin
Torta de Cebola
a quiche with broccoli and other toppings sits on a pink napkin
torta de brócolis com cogumelo
a heart shaped pizza sitting on top of a white napkin next to a bowl of sauce
pizza coração
there are many different types of food on this plate
a white plate topped with mini pizzas on top of a wooden table
tomatoes with cheese and herbs in a casserole dish on a white tablecloth
tomate assado com parmesão
two rectangular casserole dishes filled with lasagna shells and sauce covered in parmesan cheese
a wooden plate topped with cheesy potatoes and broccoli covered in cheese
pão com queijo e cebola
a tomato and basil tart on a green polka dot napkin with a sprig of parsley
torta de queijo, tomate e ervas
there is a pie with tomatoes on it
quiche de tomate