Adorable drawings!!

Wonder who this artist is. (Drawings of cute animals . But so cute you will explode your eyeballs .

Faisão-pavão de cor cinza.

The grey peacock-pheasant (Polyplectron bicalcaratum), also known as Burmese peacock-pheasant, is a large Asian member of the order Galliformes. It is the national bird of Myanmar.

Cosmos blues

Many thanks for all the kind responses to all my earlier works, always appreciated. This Cosmos is a colour edit of the red cosmos, hope you like this as much as the burgundy.

Samoyedo ¿Es posible algo mas tierno en el mundo que esto???

Darko is super playful and obedient. Darko is a Samoyed. He is very curious and has lots of energy.

Tiergarten, Berlin

Berlin Tiergarten, Central Park of Berlin keyifli bir yürüyüş yolu

Como pode alguém partir o seu coração e você ainda amá-lo com todos os pedaços partidos?

99 red balloons- i think i have an obsession. between red balloons, moustaches and twinkle lights.

splashings of delight

Think this would make beautiful tattoo. Simply stunning watercolor painting of a flying hummingbird and flower by splashy artist Dean Crouser

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