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Delicate Temptress Burlesque Deep Plummy Dusty Purple Romance Old World Charm Lace Marie Antoinette Inspired Boudoir Whimsical Sexy Dress Corset- Love the color!

... Its so pretty!

I have a vintage bra pattern, and knickers pattern; I'll have to do a pretty lace and floral combo like these. ( Use the lace and the vintage ivory and floral sari silk.

Ricota Não Derrete: Desejo do momento: vestido chemise

Desejo do momento: vestido chemise

1880 Corset

corset ca. 1880 via The Costume Institute of The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beautiful yellow satin and black creation with lacework along the bottom and top of the corset. Black inserts with lovely embroidery.

Corset  Date: ca. 1907 Culture: French    Love the satin and lace.

French corset, 1907 Dimensions: Length at CB: 14 in. cm) Length at CF: 12 in. cm) Length at Side Seam: 13 in. cm) Again tiny waist and hint of S-line silhouette