O Príncipe Cruel

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a woman sitting on top of a stage holding a microphone in front of her face
Jude & Cardan
Ib:Amimbia #books #bookfantasy #cardanandjude #judeandcardan #tcp #thecruelprincefanart #principecruel
two anime characters kissing each other with the caption'kiss me again'in front of them
Jude & Cardan
📚: The Cruel Prince (Folk of the Air), 🎨: @elithienart
The Stolen Heir Fanart The Stolen Heir, Lot On My Mind, Stolen Heir, Ya Fantasy Books, The Darkest Minds, New Painting
Oak and Wren
art by violetheavenart
a group of people standing next to each other
Vivi, Taryn, Oriana, Oak, Madoc and Jude
a comic strip with two people sitting at a desk
an image of two people that are in the air with one person holding a basketball
an anime character's body and head, with the caption below it that says look fabulous
Jude e Cardan Cardan Greenbriar
Fanart Jude and Cardan mortal World
two comics with people in the kitchen and one is holding a birthday cake while another looks on
The Queen of Nothing