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an owl sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a candle holder and brick wall
DESERT Reclaimed Wood Wall Art Southwestern Wood Wall Art - Etsy
a painting hanging on the wall next to a vase filled with dry grass in a kitchen
Shades of Terra Cotta Wood Wall Art
a wooden sign with an intricate design on the side of it, sitting in front of a tree
a wooden wall hanging on the side of a wooden fence with an arrow painted on it
Inspiration, Crafts, Woodwork, Wood Board
Birch + Bloom "Onyx Collection" #1
an image of a tile design on the floor with text overlaying it that says,
Birch + Bloom Mergence Collection
B + B Wood Mosaics. Five pieces from my Mergence Collection which included fiber art.
a woman holding up a large wooden art piece in front of a white brick wall
Birch + Bloom #277
B + B Wood Mosaic. This mixed medium piece is a custom order that was made for a beach house. Shades of greys and a pop of coral and black with some oxided copper and stained ombre.