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The second atomic bomb nicknamed 'Little Boy' was dropped on Nagasaki, Japan at 11:01 am on August 9, 1945.

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Fogonazos: Hiroshima, the pictures they didn't want us to see.  Spanish language website but with a photo collection from Hiroshima

Hiroshima, the pictures they didn't want us to see

The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed about 250.000 people and became the most dreadful slaughter of civilians in modern hist...

AUG. 9, 1945  The exact moment of detonation at Nagasaki is captured in this remarkable photograph. Notice the three people in the foreground, as yet unaware that anything has happened. The destruction of Nagasaki followed that of Hiroshima by three days and compelled Japan to surrender, ending World War II.
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credit Courtesy National Nuclear Security Administration/Nevada Site OfficeIt was 63 years ago today that the United States detonated the very first atomic bomb. Three weeks later, the only two A-bombs dropped in warfare destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. Many nuclear — and thermonuclear — bombs have been tested since. Here are some images. Left: Operation […]

Ant-Walking Alligators of Hiroshima They had once been human but the sky exploded & they were the unlucky survivors. Faces turned to the blast,  skin had been seared from their skulls, a black, leathery substance wi/out eyes or features. All that remained was a red hole where their mouths had been. Staggering about the outskirts of Hiroshima, They were avoided by other survivors,  the real horror was the sound they made. Click on pin to read more
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Forgotten Horrors: Ant-Walking Alligators of Hiroshima - KnowledgeNuts

After the bomb went off, Hiroshima was transformed from a dull backwater city into a momentary vision of Hell. Among the horrors witnessed by survivors were the ‘ant-walking alligators’—creatures of the blast that seemed neither human nor animal, neither living nor dead.

Lt. Col. Paul Tibbets waves to the ground crew on August 6, 1945 as he pilots the B-29 bomber “Enola Gay” on its last bomb run. He flew from Tinian Island in the Pacific to drop the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan that help end World War II a few days later

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A woman that survived the Nagasaki bombing (1945). x Soul Edition Stationery and Design x
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Here Are 45 Rare Photos From The Past You’ve Never Seen Before. #7 Is Horrifying!

A woman that survived the Nagasaki bombing (1945). x Soul Edition Stationery and Design x

Hiroshima, Japan   Before & After USA nuclear bomb
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