A SuckUk criou a MyCuppa, uma xícara com uma tabela de pantone que te permite ver se o café está do jeito que você gosta. Há também a opção para chás, para aqueles que gostam de bebê-los com leite, como os ingleses.

Xícara para você sempre acertar a medida do café

MyCuppa coffee cup that has pantone colors on the inside marking the color that your coffee or tea can be. Perfect gift for a designer and coffee lover.

Publicité - Creative advertising campaign - London Marathon

One of three brilliant print ads for Reflex Spray instant muscle pain relief, featuring the London, Berlin and New York marathons.

Coexistence, Yossi Lemel, 2000

Pôsteres Impactantes de Yossi Lemel – PIXEL SHOW 2014

Advertising inspiration

Serious advertising

Julyna: Martini "Join us July for a night of fundraising in the fight against cervical cancer.


WE ARE Pi worked with choreographer Ernst Meisner, the National Ballet and Nova Dance College in Amsterdam to create this performance piece entitled Living Brain and photographed by Bill Tanaka.