Adoro estes desenhos!

Disney princesses with the colors of non-Disney princesses Aurora=Merida Belle=Lottie Tiana=Nani Jasmine=Kida Mulan=Jane Pocahontas=Megara Rapunzel=Esmeralda Ariel=Wendy Cinderella=Tinker Bell Snow White=Alice

Herois do olimpo

It's really creepy how they look so authentic. Especially Ursulla.

Some of these are really spot on but others (Like Rapunzel) just look like regular teens dressing up as princesses.<<< Rapunzel looks like my aunt


This Stunning Fan Art Proves That Disney Princesses Are Stronger Together!

Disney Princesses Hair Some Are Short And Some Are Long. The Disney Princesses Hair All Look So Fantastic. If You Didn't Notice Only Two Have Hairstyles.

Só a Bela que não está parecida!

Disney Cosplay

Makeup artist Promise Phan has used her skills to turn herself into the Disney princesses. She expertly captures the look of each princess with hair, makeu

Pequena Jasmine

Child Princess Jasmine: Little-girl versions of the Disney princesses squeeze their corresponding sidekicks. Illustration by moonchildinthesky

Amazing water color of Merida | #illustrator #illustration #art #color #paint #ilustração #arte #sketch #sketchbook #rough #wip #cartoon

Amazing water color of Merida <<< I wish I could paint like this, my room would be covered in Brave/Merida paintings!


I cant even explain how jealous I am of this girl and how perfectly she pulls this off! Belle costume disney princess beauty and the beast. I want that dress!

Rapunzel,Let down your hair for Ariel! by RikaMello.....CAN DEFINITELY SAY...THIS ARTIST IS..BRILLIANTLY ARTISTIC! ...♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥..

Don't Let down your hair for Mother Gothel anymore, How about Let down your hair for Ariel? Rapunzel,Ariel wanted to be part of your world. Rapunzel,Let down your hair for Ariel!


Elf-in-mirror Princesas Disney

Belle, Beauty and the Beast, Disney Princess, Disney Fan Art love her she was always my favorite!