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British artist Joe Hill created the world’s largest and longest anamorphic street painting in the Canary Wharf district of London back in November of The square foot painting was sponsored by Reebok CrossFit and it took seven days to create it.

Impresionante arte callejero con tiza

Exclusive Interview with Sidewalk Chalk Artist Julian Beever. Julian Beever is World renown for his trompe-l'œil pavement chalk art that appears to both sink into and rise from the sidewalk.

A arte em 3D é uma das mais sedutoras artes de rua, trazendo criatividade para a paisagem urbana. Selecionamos algumas das melhores artes em 3D nas ruas.

Seleção de algumas das melhores artes em 3D nas ruas

There are few joys quite like turning an everyday sidewalk into a gaping cave cascading with rainbow waterfalls.

Mighty Optical Illusions - chalk art. – 3D illusion art of missing elevator floor..... I would need valium to get on this elevator...VP

Artist Andrew Walker has managed to trick mall-goers at London’s Southside Shopping Centre by installing a of a giant hole at the floor of the elevator.

Amazing 3D street art More

89 of the world’s most mind-bending 3D chalk drawings

street art Drawing on layers of vellum. Street art by Smug Amazing Art Collection


The amazing artwork is drawn on a flat surface only using chalk by artist Edgar Mueller. The illusion of his artwork is only recognized from a certain angle when viewing the amazing art.


beautiful works Today, in 40 beautiful sidewalk chalk artworks, let join us going around the world to see what artists can do with a piece of chalk. We sure that they will make you “crazy” by their very exciting street arts.


Nikolaj Arndt is an artist and professor who has been painting amazing sidewalk artworks since