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Un aro de plástico + guirnaldas de cinta crepé = un precioso decorado de techo / A hula hoop + crepe paper streamers = a festive ceiling decoration

Party Prop: Start with a hula-hoop and several rolls of crepe paper. After attaching one end of each crepe paper roll to the hula-hoop, raise the hula-hoop into place. Twirl crepe paper and attach ends to walls.

Quiet Book/Children's Quiet Book/ Busy Book by WeriBeauties

It’s a great gift for a child! This book has interesting content and encourage the development of hands. The toy develops fine motor skills,

felt animal mobile or just felt animals in my case. (I don't have kids to make a mobile for. But I love the idea of having cute little felt animals around for kids to play with when they come over!

Cuento de fieltro interactivo: peinando a la chica.

Food and Faces Quiet Book Pages. Includes: Hairdo, Make-a-Face, .Link to etsy seller no longer works, but it is a great idea!