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Yeah that's what I said! I mean find Glenn first if you want but then go find your sister!!!

To be honest, I think she thought about her sister but had already accepted that she was dead. Now Glen is something that she could set her mind to and work towards instead of accepting that he was dead. Just my thoughts.

Encontrou-a apenas para perdê-la novamente :(

"He found her only to lose her again." Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene▪And the worst part is they didn't even get a proper reunion.

Well at least it's not herpes

Were all infected. Well, at least its not herpes. -- The Walking Dead vs. hahahahahaha EVEN they think anything is better than HERPES 🤣😂

The Walking Dead- Spoiler for those of us who haven’t seen Season 3 yet!

Funny pictures about Daryl Dixon saves the day. Oh, and cool pics about Daryl Dixon saves the day. Also, Daryl Dixon saves the day.