Good idea for bake sales. 20 Minute Chocolate Croissants from - these could not be any easier!!

20 Minute Chocolate Crescents (Crossaints)

20 Minute Chocolate Crescents: These shortcut chocolate croissants could not be any easier. Filled with rich chocolate, topped with more chocolate, and only 20 minutes from start to finish. (More Minutes)

Que tal fazer um Oreo Pop (pirulito de negresco) pra sua festa? Esse doce é feito de um Negresco espetado em um palito de pirulito, é só passar o pirulito no chantilly ou no chocolate branco e depois jogar confeitos fofinhos por cima!!

Oreo-on-a-Stick fun! Pop stick, Oreo, Dipping chocolate or candy melts, sprinkles. Taylor to a specific holiday and you have an easy treat to sell or give away.

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