Rough Seas...

Collection by Larry, Sol omnibus lucet.


Very rough seas and surf...

Larry, Sol omnibus lucet.
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Rough water sailing - not only exhilarating, but teaches many lessons: about self, teamwork, navigation, power and response.... . BT Global Challenge 1996
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ONE BAR Playa Blanca Lanzarote SAILORS BAR

BT Global Challenge 1996

Oops! Hurricane Katrina Aftermath
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Don's Pics

Capturing Life in America

.How appropriate - I thought this was a person weathering the waves...
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Encore! Life

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Surfing Coast Guard style in Oregon

Surfing Coast Guard style in Oregon -- P1010653

We spotted two U.S.Coast Guard 47' MLB's manuevering in the storm surf north of Newport and the Yaquina Head lighthouse in Lincoln County, Oregon, on our road trip north to Astoria.

North Sea Oil Platform Supply Ship.

Not the Perfect Storm, but a North Sea Oil Platform Supply Ship

rough wave
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The newest of the U.S. Coast Guard fleet

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The leading provider of shipbuilding, complex fabrication, ship repair & conversion for the marine, hydro, nuclear, aerospace and transportation…

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Accidents with Container Ships (95 pics)

Accidents on the waters are more frequent than one would think and this huge gallery proves it well. Indeed, lots of different boats wreck each year all over the world, and container ships are no exception! The reasons for the accidents here are varied, but in all cases the photos are impressive.

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Crossing the Columbia River bar - not for the faint of heart
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Crossing the Columbia River bar - not for the faint of heart

Great lakes freighter in storm
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Great lakes freighter in storm