Aff, dai você quer descansar na sua piscina e o que você encontra ? o BTS ! #super normal #sempre acontece #aff meress

I seriously think V just does not know how to control his face. Not that it's a bad thing. The fanbase gets a good laugh but what's he gonna look like when he pulls these faces at XD (Favorite Meme God)

bts jin blood sweat and tears

definition of perfection right there. bts jin The most handsome boy in whole worldwide

[170224] BTS @Myeongdong Fansign Rap Monster | 김남준

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Taehyung   Löve what you see? Follow me @Noonacx

V he still manages to look fucking hot while making a retarded face like that.

|BTS| JUNGKOOK #BTS #jungkook

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