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Learn to make a DIY skirt at home with your sewing machine in one hour.

-- Bring your needle up at A, and pull it through. -- Form a loop of ribbon on the fabric surface. Holding the loop in place, insert the needle at B, a thread of two away from A. Bring the needle tip out at C and cross it over the trailing ribbon, keeping the ribbon as flat as possible. Gently pull the needle and trailing ribbon through until the loop lies flat against the fabric. Push the needle through to the back at D to secure the loop.

Ribbon Embroidery How To

Lazy Daisy Stitch stitching embroidery how to DIY project design template pattern handmade sewing craft

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This looks like fun for the "Old Fashion Vintage Farmer's Wife" ~~~ by SewNso's Sewing Journal - Cluck-Cluck - Little Chicks Rick Rack Embellishment

Diccionario de puntos de bordado

Diccionario de puntos de bordado

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Tina's handicraft : 145 embroidery technical for beginners