Architectural drawing / rendering / diagram - Presentation layout

An Architectural Presentation board becomes a reflection of every architect or architecture student. Please do consider creating a great Architectural

Kasey M. Tang Board 1 of 5, Capstone Project, BFA Interior Design SCAD Atlanta Spring 2014 Dr. Meldrena Chapin, Professor

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Tercer Lugar. Image Cortesía de Arquideas

Anuncian los proyecto ganadores de MESC: Mediterranean Sea Club Ibiza

Nuevo centro cultural de eventos - Colombia Proyecto Final - Carolina Henao Salazar, Tomás Del Gallego, Hernán Castaño

It seems that the formation of the buildings and the hardscape were created in MAX. The plants, kite and the person were photoshoped in. The isometric diagram was made in first in autocad and then touched up in illustrator.