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and that is litterally the only way u can make me shutup lol but if u do that to me, and if idk u, or ur not my age, u.

Maldade com o Justin Bieber kkkkk Vou pedir autógrafos pra meio mundo akie também e.e

So this girl gives Beiber a Death Note notebook and asked for his autograph. I've never seen the anime but I've had people tell me what it's about. This is hilarious! -Oh that poor girl never seeing Death Note

Jajajaja pobre kakashi se quedo sin computadora pero mas pobre sasuke y naruto por descubrir el yaoi xD

I can guess that they discovered some yaoi fanart from fangirls.-_- (I dont ship any kind of yaoi but I respect those who adores that.

NARUTO/#1815372 - Zerochan Morri de rir kkkkkk Amoooo

NARUTO/ - Zerochan hey I just saw this earlier! Poor Kiba, Akamaru, and Shino. Hinata-chan doesn't love them.