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Marcos Leandro
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Pixiv Artist ID: 11494708 // GAME: Ensemble Stars! // Character: Sakuma Ritsu

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Leo & Sonic - Kekkai Sensen                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Kekkai Sensen © (Blood Blockade Battlefront ©)/ Yasuhiro Nightow/ Editorial: Shūeisha/ Estudio: BONES/ Leonard Watch y Sonic (Leonardo Watch y Sonic).

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I adopted Tao. Tao is a flirt and is He acts like a cat as he can be an asshole or really sweet.


Wow, a hot picture of Allen walker playing a game of poker!<--Who says he's playing poker you don't know that for all we know he could be playing go fish

Meu coração ate doeu ao ver essa imagem.

((Open RP, be the boy. PLZ GIVE CREDIT!)) I ran into the room where my best friend lied, he had attempted suicide that night when his brother found him close to death. I began to bawl." I cried.