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Demon by Anna Rigby

a slightly more realistic rendition of my personal character Cyzra. you can find the full design here > [link] I was able to find an awesome referenc.

Street Fighter - Bison

M bison Joshua Summana is a UK based concept artist and designer who is passionate about drawing, painting and computer gaming. Joshua enrolled at Gray’s School of Art to study design in 2008 and always likes to experiment useful tips… Continue Reading →

Street Fighter - Ryu

pixalry: Ryu - Created by Renato Giacomini Part of the Street Fighter Collab BR project, where Brazilian artists come together to add their own unique style to the collection of great artwork based on the game.

lotr dwarf - Pesquisa Google

Mountain Dwarf Mountain dwarves live deeper under the mountains than hill dwarves but generally not as far underground as deep dwarves. They average about feet tall and have lighter skin and hair than hill dwarves, but the same general appearance.