I like the small splashes of color. The menacing look of the skull is off set with the rosy pink color of the rose and lace.

Skull from an old school lady - with rose, feather and some necklaces.The only thing that could make this better is if it was on a womans face who has sugar skull makeup.

Pretty tattoo

Yanina Viland inked this amazing frame with water leaking out of it. Love the FRAME, take those swirls to make my river tattoo?

☆ We Are The Drifters & Dancers, Sun Worshipers & Risk Takers. The Dreamers, The Lovers, Believers & Change Makers!!! ☆

We are drifters and dancers, sun worship pets and risk takers. The dreamers. The lovers, believers and change makers.

Inspired by Brand New lyrics

The Most Beautiful Song Lyric Tattoos We’ve Ever Seen

ignore the previous picture i submitted since it isn’t put up yet, better quality picture of my tattoo. art inspired by Rik Lee, lyrics from one of my favorite Brand New songs.