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Whovians....I think we found Gallifrey

Funny pictures about Bubble ice crystals. Oh, and cool pics about Bubble ice crystals. Also, Bubble ice crystals.

Ask all the Doctors

Ask all the Doctors - Why do I feel like the fallen one on the right is <--- because only 11 would happen upon a paradox of such proportions and not even manage to land in the pile of TARDISES (TARDII?MOVE YOUR TARDII !


"Someday My Doctor Will Come." by Krissy Diggs. Who needs a Prince? I'd rather have The Doctor!-Previous Pinner Would be even better with the doctors sonic screwdriver!

Things I Want: Doctor Who Time Lord Party Edition.

Things I Want: Doctor Who Time Lord Party Edition.I would like it in Tardis blue though.

If this is true it makes me so happy. I don't necessarily ship them, but I still think this is so sweet