Lovely pulled thread work embroidery

pulled thread work embroidery: Pulled thread embroidery is a counted thread technique. Stitches are worked around groups of threads in the base fabric to form gaps, creating lacy, airy fillings, bands, border and hems.

tiny embroidery hoop using keychain ring

Teeny Tiny Doll House Embroidery The embroidery hoop is made from a small coil from a key chain, and the needle is made from a straight pin with the ball removed from the top.

Embroidery Stitches

rambler rose stitch - Make 3 or 4 loose stitches for center. Using outline stitch, work around & around the center. Make center stitches loose so work stands up, then draw stitches tighter as work moves toward edge.

How to Make and Tie Wreath Bows with Ribbon

How to Make/Tie a Wired Ribbon Wreath Bow the Easiest Way

How to Make Wreath Bows - the easiest, foolproof way to tie a beautiful bow.Okay seriously, this is crazy easy. I thought I knew how to do this but my way was so much harder. I will tie all wreath bows this way from now on.

Retro Birds Hand-Embroidered Tea Towel\/Dishtowel\/Towel via Etsy

Retro Birds Hand-Embroidered Tea Towel\/Dishtowel\/Towel via Etsy Bellpull length - textured stitch sampler