Paper Crane Garland

Paper Crane Curtain - lots o cranes means lots o color, whether theyre backlit by the sun in a window or acting as a festive room divider or wall decoration. Id want all white and or an accent color


Stock image of 'Colorfull origami units like a rainbow circle isolated on white with shadow. From sheets of paper making modules, which joined.


Origami crane tree :There is a legend that someone who makes a thousand origami cranes, their wish will be granted. Here are instructions for making a paper crane


Paper cranes on a branch. In the office. A branch has just come off our big tree, just as I found all my origami paper.

origami lotus

DIY: Origami Lotus The lotus flower is a symbol of overcoming struggle. Learn how to fold your own!


Learn how to make a pretty origami rose bouquet! ~ Links to instructions with a video tutorial


Washington Wedding by Stephanie Haller Photography

Simple and adorable wedding decorations: paper origami hanging colorful backdrop. Such a great decoration idea for an outdoor wedding.

origami and beads ::D

Baby shower activity: make a mobile! Go second-handing and look for unique trinkets or as guests to bring one (something special). Add bells/chimes, beads/old costume jewelry and make a mobile from the eclectic pieces of your friends and family.

faux origami...

love the birds for the girls room. The decorative bird cage in attic would make a good home for one or two birds.


I remember making these last winter and hanging them on trees outside in the garden. It would look so awesome when the lights hit that tree and the cranes would light up so perfectly. I want to do it again this summer!