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Great Hang

How cool will this leather and wood towel organizer look in your bathroom? Plus since it’s hanging, the piece would be great in a small space!

What are Brick Slips? - Build It

If you’re looking for an ultra-quick route to cladding a new home, or upgrading the exterior of an existing house, then brick slips could be the answer. These thin slices of masonry replicate the look of conventional bricks, and can be supplied in a wide variety of styles and colours to suit both contemporary and […]

How to Refresh a Home Office for Under $500 | Hunker

The idea of a home office has gone from "that would be nice" to a "must-have." Check out this list of goodies that will beautifully and easily revamp your home office, and for less than $500.

Cores nos quartos

Do piso ao teto, que me desculpem os minimalista, mas quarto tem que ter cores. Olhem que doi...

5 Beautiful and Totally Workable Color Palettes for Your Bedroom - Nordic Design

good starting point for your future bedroom makeover!

Cinco ideias fáceis e práticas para incrementar seu hall de entrada

Ter um hall em casa pode ser mais fácil do que imagina! Mesmo com pouco espaço, você pode montar um espaço de recepção super lindo e prático.Um simples corredor ou uma parede próxima à porta de entrada de casa pode se tornar um hall. Nesta coluna especial

Texting Bathroom Wall Art and Storage

Now your extra toilet paper rolls become the iconic shape of a phone texting icon hovering over your toilet. What a time to be alive - studies show 75% of Americans are on their phone while on the toilet! I designed this fun art piece around this new societal norm where we are carving out more time to communicate from previously dark locations. The unmistakable texting shape uniquely floats over the user's head like a Sims character, showing that phone use is underway. I build, sign, and…

Autonomous.ai | Best Standing Desks & Ergonomic Office Chairs

Autonomous offers dream standing desks for designers & creatives. Classic, L-shaped, curved, or dual desk tops. Enjoy the space to let your creative juices flow

Cupid Bed in Black American Walnut and Velvet with Integrated Bedside Table

Casa Botelho’s signature glamour and sensual design can now be incorporated into your bedroom aesthetic with the Cupid bed. Grand in its structure and seductive in its appearance, the Cupid Bed will most certainly be the centrepiece of your bedroom space. Cleverly contrasting matt and shine, the Cupid bed has a textured, wooden frame, with integrated bedside tables that are topped in luxurious Marblo, as well as a wrap-around headboard upholstered in stunning, high quality suede and velvet…

8 Shower Niches Fueling Our Love for the Luxe Detail

Is a shower niche the height of bathroom luxury? These eight spaces say yes—here are the design tips we’re taking from them.

Bon Daybed

Lofts: quais as características e como decorar este tipo de apartamento – Habitare

Inspirada em seus projetos de lofts, a arquiteta Carina Korman, dá dicas para a escolha dos móveis e do estilo de décor

Decoração colorida e soluções simples são destaque em apartamento

Combinação de cores nada óbvia, formas arredondadas e arquitetura bem pensada criam visual envolvente e lúdico

Innovation by White Hills Stones | Archello

White Hills has succeeded in combining and perfecting the advantages of two types of façade facing construction and cladding. In addition to diverse and unique brick-look architectural designs, this system enab...