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a pink and white phone with some pictures on it's screen, next to an image of a cake
Полная визуальная упаковка для кондитера
the website is designed to look like it could be used as a mobile phone or tablet
Оформление группы ВК | Шаблоны ВКонтакте
Шаблоны для дизайна ВК группы. В набор входит: шаблон обложки (шапки) сообщества, мобильная обложка, шаблоны для ВК меню, карточки для товаров и услуг. Редактируются в Power Point.
a line drawing of kitchen utensils on a white background with the words love written below it
a continuous line drawing of a heart and an umbrella with a bow on the tail
the logo for a cake shop
two business cards with the words benito and a cake on it, both in pink
Telegram: lu_syaa
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