Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil The girl from Ipanema goes walking...Esta praia é lembrada em versos, garota de Ipanema.... A coroa que está prometida e reservada para nós.... Todos que crêem Nele, Jesus, o Senhor Jesus !!! http://www.tsu.co/niltonglima/2984555

Ipanema beach, Rio de Janeiro - Brasil the most beautiful sidewalk I have ever seen!

#tattoofriday - Jabuk Nowicz: tatuagens minimalistas, linhas finas e pontilhismo - rosa;

Jabuk Nowicz aposta no pontilhismo e nas linhas finas para criar tatuagens minimalistas

The strength & beauty of ocean waves... I love the color. maybe colors for a baby boy quilt. hmmmm.

I love the sea. I love the color of it, the sound of it, being in it. I love how it rolls over you as you stand in the shallow surf. In another life, I would be a mermaid.

Lion Tattoo Designs

"A Superb example of ink illustration and line art. See how the ink lines flow and the whole piece sees harmony and peace with the Lions face! I love this piece of artwork! A lion that reminds me of Aslan with a mane with hair and flowers.

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