Esse foi o dia que a mamãe teve certeza, de que iriam embora seus dias de tristeza. Scrapbook Eduardo


Pink and white baker's twine shaped like a heartbeat - cute handmade valentine's card. Add a punched or handcut heart with the sentiment "You make my heart beat faster".

Dicas de Artesanato com Scrapbooking

20 Ideias de Artesanato com Scrapbooking

Just when we thought sticky notes can’t get any better - they did! The Pocket Sticky Note does more than being handy for your notes, lists, and reminders. It has a real pocket for you to fill with you (Diy Paper Envelopes)

Às vezes é difícil pensar em um presente diferente para as pessoas que amamos e que caiba no orçamento. Mas o usuário do Reddit TheOnlyOne87 soube como agradar a sua namorada sem precisar gastar quase nada, com um presente criativo e muito romântico. Depois de oito anos juntos, ele surpreendeu sua namorada com 365 bilhetes de amor, um para ...

Namorado encontra forma criativa de presentear seu amor

This is a PERFECT gift ! 365 handwritten notes in a Mason Jar each colour co-ordinated to three themes. Yellow: moments & memories Green : quotes and lyrics red : reasons I love you

DIY Luminária de Fitas Vintage: uma ideia bacana de um "faça você mesmo" reaproveitando fitas k7!

DIY Luminária de Fitas Vintage

DIY Luminária de Fitas Vintage: uma ideia bacana de um "faça você mesmo" reaproveitando fitas k7!

3D printed cute panda planter gift for friends and home decor, Cute, Office, Succulent Planter, Cactus,Flower Pot

We are now launching our new PANDA PLANTER, designed here at PrintAWorld. This cute planter is first printed and then hand painted to

diy dia dos namorados inspiracao faca voce mesma 2

DIY: Surpresinhas para o Dia dos Namorados

Discover our top 10 DIY Valentine crafts for all ages from the cutest DIY pop-up card to stunning DIY paper rose art work.

Explora los artículos únicos de MinkyMooCeramics en Etsy: el sitio global para comprar y vender mercancías hechas a mano, vintage y con creatividad.

Panda Bear Planter Plant Pot Ceramic Pottery by MinkyMooCeramics

Cute Matchboxes to Profess Love Trang Hoang is an artist who likes to play with symbols and words. She revisits little matchboxes in order to create adorable little messages to profess your love. Little illustrated characters and plays of words that reveal all their poetry one the boxe opened. These adorable objects are available on the artists online shop. #xemtvhay

Cute Matchboxes to Profess Love

Bee Valentine Card/ Funny Cute Love Card/ Anniversary Card/ Matchbox /Gift box / Message box "I'm a Bee" - "And I love you Honey"

Se inspire com a reciclagem de embalagens de plásticos

Se Inspire com a Reciclagem de Embalagens de Plásticos

omg is it possible to diy this panda mug (actually pot planter)?? Maybe with a lid that looks like cute big hat :D

Is There an Ideal Time of Day to Drink Coffee?

Os vasos de bichinhos de Camila Yumi Maruyama | Just Lia

Os vasos de bichinhos de Camila Yumi Maruyama