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Old School Hip Hop Style Square Vintage Square Glasses 2981

A groundbreaking mashup of hip hop and hard rock, the song eventually became both a cornerstone of Run-DMC’s signature style and paved the way for the emerging rap-rock sound.

Martha Cooper, la fotógrafa que documentó el hip-hop

The vintage boombox has become an icon of the with hundreds of bass pumping variations from major electronics manufacturers and obscure niche brands. This lens explores ghetto blaster history and finds the best boombox gift items for your.

Beastie Boys - Solid Hits

Beastie Boys : Rhapsody In the Beastie Boys' first album, Licensed to Ill, went off like a bomb amid the international record-buying public.

Run-DMC by Ed Piskor. Hip-Hop Family Tree.

Have not read any of these but i like the art, and wanna support different voices + fellow countrymen. Run-DMC by Ed Piskor.