Leonardo Salmoria

Leonardo Salmoria

Leonardo Salmoria
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Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip looking down at Charles and Anne.

Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh and their children Prince Charles and Princess Anne - by Lord Snowdon (Anthony Armstrong-Jones) - Photographer - the Fashion Spot

Elizabeth II:  Her Majesty and Her husband, Prince Philip, in the Western Isles, Scotland, 1996

Relaxing in the Western Isles, Scotland. Queen Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary) UK husband Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh (Philip Mountbatten-born Prince Philip) Greece, by unknown artist.


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Legolas Workout from darebee.com - lots of nerd themed workouts!

Legolas Workout - Elves move fast, their movements are fluid, their muscles function like whipcords. They use their entire body like a precision instrument and it is this that makes them such formidable fighters. The Legolas workout is designed to activa

calisthenics workout plan thursday

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