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It's the coldest Christmas Eve in history, and a poor family is out of coal for the furnace. The only child in the family has 24 hours to get on the naughty list.

What if they kept doing all this horrible stuff but it lead to something good for someone else, so the kid got like, a pony or something and the whole family died of hypothermia.

Writing Prompt: Short Story  Hello and welcome to another writing prompt! Please submit all responses in the comment section below. Get creative and tell us what kind of world you see! Have fun. :)

a-writers-insanity: “Hello fellow writers! Welcome to the Weekly Writing Prompt! Each Friday I shall pick a writing prompt, dialogue prompt, or inspirational photo that shall be the subject of your.

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Im the nightmare emptier. The horrible things I've seen.who could be have such horrible dreams? The reason I am the one whose job this is, is because I cannot dream. I cannot dream nice dreams or terrible ones. (Get Him Back Writing Prompts)