Leonardo Surge

Leonardo Surge

Americana - São Paulo
Leonardo Surge
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Ilustração Bonita

beautiful woman native american fashion / design, watercolor and illustration

Cory Kennedy - Palm Desert Wildness  #epidemicskate #skateboarding #desertskateshots

I got a couple days off from The Berrics and went to Palm Desert to spend Thanksgiving with the Kennedys and we filmed some wildness

tumblr_mofmp2Pspf1ro9snno1_500.gif 401×606 píxeles

Where can I get one of these shark heads so I can put it in the spa room?

sea miniramp

Skateboarding in the Ocean Talk about a fun way to skate. A vert ramp in the ocean. It’s skating and surfing put together!

Mini-Ramp skating in a tree, this is awesome.  Maybe add some plexiglass walls?

Kitty Cat's Mischief: The Volcom Skate House Tree Ramp — Designspiration

Chris Haslam

Chris Haslam the Mountain Man

Chris Haslam, the best beard skateboarder!

This guy is still my favourite skater, grew up loving his style!

Berrics camera

Berrics camera

The Berrics Skatewarehouse is where they have the BATB Games. It is my favorite thing to watch on the Internet.

The Berrics - Skatelite

“Cory Kennedy.”

“Cory Kennedy.”