Significado das cores: Orquídea Rosa ou Lilás: Flor da sedução, ideal para conquistar seu interesse amoroso; Orquídea Vermelha: Significa desejo sexual; Orquídea Branca: Amor puro (bastante comum nos buquês de noivas); Orquídea Amarela: Amor erótico; Orquídea Negra: símbolo de poder e autoridade absoluta, um sinal de algo pertencente à elite.

How to Style an Orchid Plant

Use this easy step-by-step tutorial to style an affordable grocery store orchid plant into a floral shop design by handcrafted lifestyle expert Lia Griffith

Idéias DIY incrível que você deve tentar

DIY Projects to Try: DIY Fashion to Spice up Your Wardrobe

DIY Flapper Fringe Skirt Ooh, I have a heap of white fringe stuff. Never thought of a Flapper dress - perfect :D!

Floreiras e Hortas feitas com Tubos de PVC

Floreiras e Hortas feitas com Tubos de PVC

painel de torras de madeira e orquídeas

In Balcony, signed by Raphael Costa Bastos, there is a vertical garden leaning on slices of eucalyptus logs.

Add some lights to your terrarium to give it a unique look that everyone will love. #PlantNite

10 things to do with your Plant Nite terrariums

prateleira de vasos

This indoor garden would be perfect for growing food indoors during winter. Love this indoor vertical garden! Could be a great idea to create a privacy wall on a balcony, deck or terrace!

Decore seu Jardim 1

Decore seu Jardim 1

You can reuse a fallen trees and turn them into a cool flower planters for your garden or patio. Check out these Cool Tre Stump & Log Ideas!