Por que vou ser feliz acima de tudo! Além de dividir essa minha felicidade com as pessoas que amo

Happiness is a powerful emotion that can lift you much higher than anything that tries to weigh you down. Laughing with a friend in the rain can make you so happy just to be alive.

Simplicidade também traz felicidade!

A happy soul gets more beautiful with age. my experience is when a person attracts animals without trying, they have a good soul.this beautiful woman has her faithful dog and trusty chicken by her side.

Finch, Nemo, Aubie e baby Leo visiting Tempest's home enquanto Rolig estava no colo da mãe

This looks amazing. Vacation with the kids in Italy. A CUP OF JO: Family vacation idea: Positano

Numa cozinha pequena, este painel organiza mantimentos e apetrechos sem ocupar espaço na bancada – e ainda torna o ambiente mais alegre

Despensa na parede: painel para organizar a cozinha

In a small kitchen, this panel organizes groceries and paraphernalia without taking up counter space - and even makes the environment more cheerful


white Fast Boy Cycles- I've wanted a bike from him for years! One day.

"There are things that take time and there are others that time takes." Vero...

O tempo é valioso. Mensagens de reflexão.

"Relaxe, Tem coisa que levam tempo E tem coisas que o tempo leva." "Relax There are things that take time and there are others that time takes.

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