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DAY Bravest princess, I would have to say Pocahontas is the bravest. She did what her heart told her to do, and didn't care what others thought. She saves John Smith in the end, and lets face it, not everyone would jump off this cliff.


Are you destined to find love in a hopeless place like Wall-E and EVE? Or are you more of a Dory, you find a guy, forget about him and move on to the next adventure? Let's see if we can forecast your love life by your taste in Pixar movies.

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Pin for Later: 40 Disney Princess Secrets You Never Knew Growing Up Pocahontas is the only Disney princess whose character is based on a real person. Mulan's warrior character was based on legend, not fact.

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And at the end of the day, she showed us all that she didn't need a man to decide her future. Ways Pocahontas Is The Best Disney Character Of All Time