Dificuldade com o delineado????.. Oha a dica..

Aprenda a fazer delineado gatinho com grampo de cabelo

Idées suspensions papier/carton

Cover ugly lights in dining room and bathroom with chandelier and balance! 15 DIY Cardboard Crafts In Your Decor

Diy moon - http://makemylemonade.com/diy-to-the-moon-and-back/

Turn an inexpensive globe into something new by taking the painted globe trend to the next level.

Batom nude

Makeup - Phenomenal 73 Matte Makeup Ideas That You Must Try Do not purchase a dress in the hope you will drop some weight. Its possible for you to put this all around the body for a body mask - Makeup Products

Como fazer uma prateleira de papelão.

This man is headless because he continues to staple folded cardboard to his walls for shelving. After five concussions from objets d'art crashing upon his skull, hospitals will no longer admit him because they can't treat stupidity.

Já vi modelos mais charmosos, mas a idéia é válida, principalmente para ambientes externos.

Shopping bag storage container made from a pinesol container. Just cut bottom off, nail onto your wall, and fill.

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