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an iphone screenshot of the house information page for ravenclaw's upcoming album, ravenclaw
the words you know you're ravenclaw when you're strange is a compliment
a blue background with the words you know you're a ravenclaw when
You know you're a Ravenclaw when...
an article about the house as beautiful things
#beautiful #this #isThis is BEAUTIFUL
an article with blue text on it that says, i'm house what i have observed from people i know in each house
MeinesTube - MeinesTube
I’m a Slytherin and the Evil part is true for me - #Evil #hogwartshousestraits #Im #part #slytherin #True
the text on this page is very funny and it looks like they are talking to each other
Slytherin Pride
And even though he never actually says, 'My father will hear about this' we all know he has similar issues...
Feliz Natal 2015
Que neste Natal, possamos lembrar dos que vivem em guerra, e fazer por eles uma prece de paz. Que possamos lembrar dos que odeiam, e faze...
two brushes, one black and one white are sitting next to an empty box with some paint on it
until the very end
ϟ hogwarts houses: ravenclaw or yet in wise old ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind. where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind.
a collage of photos with some people in blue dresses and white shoes, including an old building
I Like Big Books
“Wizarding Schools Around the World: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic ”
a blue and yellow poster with the words, witt beyond mega - sure man's greatest treasure
Ravenclaw Headcanons
Ravenclaw Headcanons
an image with the words, intelligence is the ability to adapt to change on it
Ravenclaw Headcanons
Ravenclaw Headcanons