Óbidos, Portugal

Obidos, Portugal- One of my favorite small towns in Portugal. Don't forget to try the Ginjinha with the chocolate shot glasses. so much fun. This is where the chocolate festival takes place

Obidos Castle and it's medieval walls still surrounding the existing village Portugal

Awesome Óbidos Castle, The name "Óbidos" probably derives from the Latin term oppidum, meaning "citadel", or "fortified city". The municipality had its origin in an early Roman settlement near the foothills of an elevated escarpment

Óbidos, Portugal

Óbidos, Portugal---Perching on the castle walls & watching the village come alive in the misty morning is a pleasure I shall never forget. A jewel box of a town in Port.

Bairro Alto, Lisbon, Portugal

Visite Lisboa, a cidade das sete colinas

Porto -"Praça da Ribeira"

Travel Inspiration for Portugal - Easy living by the Douro River Oporto (Porto), Portugal

Madeira, Portugal

(Dreamland by Petr Marek on Madeira - Portugal) I absolutely LOVE that fencing! And not to mention the house and the quaint little path would be an insult.

Roteiro de 1 dia em Coimbra

Roteiro de 1 dia em Coimbra

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