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Para nunca mais esquecer do versículo .😍

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watercolor illustrations of people with umbrellas and flowers
several different pieces of paper with hearts and notes attached to the side of each piece
a bunch of different types of speech bubbles
a bunch of paper with different shapes and sizes on it's sides, including blank notes
a bunch of different types of paper with hearts, stars and other things on it
watercolor flowers are shown in different colors
a bunch of different types of paper with hearts on them
many different pictures of foxes and other animals with their tails curled up in the shape of circles
the sheep are all different colors and sizes
some cute mushrooms and other things on a white background with text that says, i love you
an assortment of doughnuts and pastries are arranged on a table with writing
a coffee cup with the words cafe on it
O tacho da Pepa
Para nunca mais esquecer do versículo .😍
an image of someone taking pictures with their cell phone and camera on lined paper that says i love you