Justice League Western Re-Designed

Justice League Western Re-Designs…

Funny pictures about Justice League Western Re-Designs. Oh, and cool pics about Justice League Western Re-Designs. Also, Justice League Western Re-Designs.


The Flash (Bartholomew Henry 'Barry' Allen). His ability to use his speed to pass through walls is an amazing utilization of his speed powers.

You could really analyse her character in this picture, there's just SO much you could speculate

Harleen Frances Quinzel "Why do bad things happen to good people"


Iron Man rubs his idealistic do-gooding in Superman's carelessly-destructive, self-centered face. Lol Superman's face at the end.

Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson

Flying Grayson / Robin I / Nightwing / Batman Dick Grayson, a true wonder. Dick Grayson belongs to DC Comics

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Black Canary Dinah dives deeper into the past of the mysterious white ninja-along a trail that takes her deep into the heart of Europe, and face-to-face with a bizarre new enemy!

Superman vs Solomon Grundy by Alex Ross

Written by me, Art by Julian Lopez, Bit, and Marta Martinez. SUPERMAN by Alex Ross. Superman vs Solomon Grundy Born on a monday!

Black Canary #6 Looney Tunes variant cover by Pia Guerra

BrendenFletcher@NYCC on

Black Canary (DCU Looney Tunes variant cover) is a Comic Book published by DC Comics written by Brenden Fletcher drawn by Annie Wu with a cover drawn by Pia Guerra and Warner Bros. Animation in the genre of superhero




Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman (and Cabal!), and Garth Ennis