Com alguns canos de PVC velho é possível fazer um suporte organizador para…

The DIY garden tool storage idea that will save your sanity

You have a messy garage? So some clever storage ideas for storing your garden tools without spending a fortune. Make your own DIY Garden Tool Rack!

Lithops planta pedra....

Lithops - (commonly called "flowering stones“ or "living stones“) are true mimicry plants: their shape, size and color causes them to resemble small stones in their natural surroundings.

There are so much beautifull but strange plants on this earth :P -Trachyandra tortilis.

Trachyandra sp - A few photos from the San Gabriel Winter Show - Cacti Succulents Forum - GardenWeb.

Boabab: Also known as the "tree of life"

Large Boabab Tree - Also known as the "tree of life", Baobab trees, found in Africa and India, can live for several thousand years. They have little wood fiber, but can store large quantities of water.

Echeveria 'Dondo' World of Succulents

A place to converse about cacti, other succulent plants, and related subjects - along with a few other matters which may interest the owners of Kara Nursery (AKA Oregon Cactus & Succulent Nursery).


Black Orchid Flower Botanists from California put an end to this quest by growing the black flower that has been recognized as the only plant that can be called the black orchid.

52 Types of Wood and the Trees They Come From - - Infographic

Conheça 52 tipos de madeiras e de que árvores elas vêm

Because natural world of wood is so perfectly unpredictable and varied, familiarity with tree types and wood grain is one of the most important skills of woodworking.

800 year old Fredville Oak (England)

Her "Majesty" (pedunculate oak Fairy tale oak tree considered to be the mightiest and finest of all ancient trees in Britain. She is also considered the thickest tree in Britain, her trunk across with a circumference of when measured at

8 Segredos no Cultivo da Rosa-do-deserto (Adenium obesum). Foto de 澎湖小雲雀 #adenium #rosadodeserto #adeniumobesum

8 Segredos no cultivo das Rosas-do-deserto

quanta delicadeza

A pair of Spiral-orchids [Spiranthes sinensis], growing together, that appear like a mirror image. The sequential blooming-period [from bottom to the top] in this orchid can last longer than a month.

Mais uma forma maravilhosa de decorar com Suculentas. Aproveite as nossas…

Mais uma forma maravilhosa de decorar com Suculentas. Aproveite as nossas sugestões

Blue curls (Phacelia congesta) #cuudulieutransang | cuu du lieu tran sang | cứu dữ liệu trần sang | cong ty cuu du lieu tran sang | công ty cứu dữ liệu trần sang |

Fractal spiral - Blue curls (Phacelia congesta) I'm going to grow some phacelia because its good for butterflies/bees