Brazil | Portrait of Suruna Indian father and son. Amazon

Índio Suruna com seu filho - Amazônia - Brasil © Jesco von Puttkamer/Hard Rain Picture Library

Beleza indígena brasileira. Brazil |  a young Karajá indian girl

Brazil - a young Karajá indian girl photographed in Pina, Recife, State of Pernambuco, BR.

Indios Kuikuros - Brasil

The Kuikuro are an indigenous people from the Mato Grosso region of Brazil. Their language, Kuikuro, is a part of the Carib language family. The Kuikuro have many similarities with other Xingu tribes. They have a population of 592 in up from 450 in 2002

Beauty of Brazil, dont forget the Amazonas:: Um sorrizinho lindo

The monkey is this girl's pet. She lives in Brazil. We don't have monkeys as pets, but we have other types of pets. What animal do you think makes a good pet?

Kayapo baby, Brasil

The Eyes of Children around the World Xikrin baby from Kateté, Brazil © Ederson Oliveira