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the instructions for how to use sponges with spanish words on it, and an image of
a pink poster with the words in spanish
the spanish text is written in pink and grey colors, with circles around it on a white background
the wine glasses are labeled in spanish and have different names for each individual part of the glass
a spanish language poster with the names of different languages and their corresponding words on it
the menu for an italian restaurant is shown in blue and white checkered linens
an open notebook with writing on it
a list of words that are in spanish
the instructions for washing clothes in spanish
Como ler os símbolos de lavagem de roupas das etiquetas - Casinha Arrumada
a poster with different types of glasses on it's sides and the words copos e
Tipos de copos e taças: conheça o modelo ideal para cada bebida
the spanish language is displayed in this screenshoter's mobile phone screen shot
the spanish language is written in two different languages, and it appears to be useful