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#GOKU >>> Com lançamento de DragonBall Kai, todos os goku's que aparece já vai ser um nova perspectiva de continuação do anime.

Dragon Ball Z - Goku - Planning on making Dragon Ball fan-art myself after seeing this drawing. This artist was amazing!

SSJG Goku Vs Beerus - I love the colouring of this art. Hopefully we can see Beerus and Whis actually fighting a strong opponent, along with all the other Z warriors. - Visit now for 3D Dragon Ball Z shirts now on sale!

beerus black_background dougi dragon_ball dragonball_z egyptian_clothes fighting highres multiple_boys official_art open_mouth purple_skin red_eyes red_hair son_gokuu sparkle super_saiyan_god upside-down water wristband

Gohan SSJ

[Blast of Fury] Super Saiyan Adult Gohan/Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle