plein de bordure de crochet.  Graphed edging with French explanation.  Site has many gorgeous crochet edges--most of which are graphed.

Free pineapple crochet edging border diagram chart pattern for baby blanket, towels, afghan etc.

Ivelise Feito à Mão: PAP: Lindo Barrado Decorativo!!!

PAP: Lindo Barrado Decorativo!!!


With a little imagination, this crochette pattern could become a beautiful lacey beadwork. I'll try with seed beads, rice beads and 4 mm pearls with netting stitch.

I really like this pattern.  Have always liked the pineapple. This would be a great edging on Pillow Cases for a guest room.

Pineapple Lace Edging ~~ for a bedspread that has pineapple motifs, or a beautiful lace scarf in fine fluffy yarn perhaps, or maybe cotton, or maybe both!

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